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"... a quick note to thank Leonard O'Grady for his new color work on the remastered Star Slammers, currently coming out from IDW. I was looking for a reconsidering of the color, and Len has done an admirable job with that. Thanks, pal".

—Walter Simonson (Thor, StarSlammers)"

Leonard O'Grady, tho, is a dream come true. If I had built him from scratch, I could not have come up with a better colorist for my work. In fact, he often reminds me of the beautiful work I used to see in EAGLE, back when I was a lad. He has yet to give me a coloring job that has not both surprised and delighted me".
—John Byrne (Superman, X-Men)

"Less hairy than Alan Moore"
—Some guy in the pub after a Convention


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